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Support during Tradepost campaigns

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Last updated by Rudolph Keown on September 02, 2013 15:08

Congratulations on running a promotion campaign on Mxit! Below you will find some tips on how to prepare for your campaign and troubleshooting tips (and support escalation) for during the campaign.

We strongly advise you not to make any changes to your app less than two business day before a campaign. Please ensure that all your app details are correct within your developer dashboard as well. Double check that all your links, images and content are displaying as you expect them too. 

Reach & Scaling:

Your Tradepost message will be viewed by an estimated 1.7 million Mxit users.

Be sure you can access your application directly through a non-Mxit URL in case you need to troubleshoot. You'll want to be clear that your application is working properly before escalating to Mxit support.

Please ensure your application has been load-tested for these numbers and is ready for the wave!

Recommendations to prepare your app for increased traffic during Tradepost messages
Read this forum post: Tradepost broadcast: Taking a broadcast to the knee and also: Performance and Scaling Tips

Remember to:

  • Be sure to clean-up your add, removing any unwanted or confusing links within your menu structure.
  • Be sure to limit the amount of database interactions, no joins or selects as this could potentially be a huge bottleneck for your app.
  • Load Test your app to see if your server can handle the traffic you are about to experience.
  • Be available at the time your campaigns are running should your server need any attention.

Support & Escalation:

Your liaison at Mxit will share the contact details (via e-mail) with you of the following people:

Your Primary Contact is responsible for leading resolution on any issues you encounter. (Please keep the primary contact cc:ed on all issues).

Should your app not be working, and you have followed the necessary troubleshooting procedures (My Mobi Portal App is offline or  My WCF .Net App is offline), please contact the Application Support contact person. If there is something wrong with the campaign itself, please contact the Business Support contact person.

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback, please let us know if you have any additional tips via our Developer Support Center.