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Mxit app Publishing Criteria

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Last updated by Rudolph Keown on September 02, 2013 15:23

To ensure we have engaging and useful apps on Mxit, we would like to inform you of our app publishing criteria.

In order to have your app published on Mxit, it needs to adhere to all the following:

  • Adhere to Mxit’s API Terms.
  • All aspects of the app should function (links, navigation and in-app billing, where used)
  • App details must be complete (see below).

More about App Details

All published apps will be listed in Mxit’s “App Store”, Apps.

When a user searches or browses for apps, they will first see the app details (described below), with an option to add the app. These are valuable tools to help attract the interest of Mxit users, and help them understand what your app is all about. Also remember that the search functionality looks in these three fields below, so the greater the Description the better chance you have of users organically discovering your app.

App Display Name

 The App Display Name is the name that users will see their contact roster once they have added your app. The App Display Name does not have the same character restrictions as the (*Mxit ID*). It is important that the App Display Name is same as the main heading/ app name used inside your app, otherwise this can cause confusion.

It is also important that you keep the App Display Name similar to the (*Mxit ID*), for example Mxit ID: jokes.4.u, App Display Name: Jokes 4 U, or Mxit ID:football_international, App Display Name: Football International.

App Avatar

A simple, square, non-copyrighted image that is relevant to your app’s content. Where a 96 by 96 pixel image of png format is preferred. 

App Status Message

This is a short message which appears under your App Name within Mxit. Once your app has been added by a user, this message appears next to your Display Name in the user’s contact roster. It is a useful tool for conveying short updates (such as ‘New game starts Monday!’ or ‘Take our new Cool Shoes Quiz’) to existing users.

App Description

The App Description gives the user a brief overview of what they can expect in your app. What are the key features of the app? How often is new content uploaded? Who will find the app really useful or fun? This is a short marketing pitch to potential users – and your chance to interest them and convince them to add your app.

Try to provide as much detail as possible, within the 200 character space limit.

 The following descriptions will not be accepted:
    - No description
    - Exact copy of the App Name, App Alias or App Status Message
    - “[appname] is a Mxit app”, “[appname] on Mxit, or any one sentence that basically says “this is a Mxit app”
    - Descriptions that are misleading include profanity or are of an insulting nature.

No app will be published if the App Display Name, App Avatar, App Status Message and App Description are not complete.

More details about the app details available in our Developer Support Centre.

  • Have proper moderation, feedback and support information.
  • Terms and conditions, if applicable, should be explicitly stated in the app, ideally on a dedicated page within the app


According to the Mxit API Terms we still have the right to not publish an app if we feel that it is not relevant or useful.