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Developer Relations: What we do (and what we don't do)

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Last updated by Ryan Miller on October 09, 2013 08:02

What we do

Business hours support

  • Technical support via our Developer Support Center. (We respond to developer technical queries within 2 business days).
  • Create documentation to support our developers in building awesome apps on Mxit.
  • Publish apps and create Vendor IDs: 2 business day lead time needed.

Solving problems

  • Point developers in the right direction to our existing documentation.
  • Create new support documentation to help answer any new questions from developers.
  • Escalate platform problems to the relevant teams.
  • Track that we have a stable platform 99.9% of the time.

Encourage Quality Apps

What we don’t do

  • Building apps for Mxit or 3rd Parties.
  • Handholding for people who won’t read the Mxit Developer docs.
  • E-mail consultations (unless there is a specific problem that couldn't be solved by reading the documentation in our Developer Support Center).
  • One-on-one technical troubleshooting or telephone consultations (except in a case-by-case basis when approved by our Developer Relations Ninja).
  • Create or register apps on on behalf of developers. (If an app name is needed for a campaign, we can assist in finding out if it is available, after the developer has checked him/ herself. 2 business day lead time needed).
  • Direct support for advertising campaigns.
  • Organise or manage promotions campaigns on behalf of other teams. (i.e. we are not responsible to ensure that the app is listed in the right category on Tradepost or Apps, or has the right description).
  • Provide direct after hours support.
  • We do not provide end users support to your users for any queries relating to your app or the functionality thereof.

What is the developer’s responsibility

  •  Ensure their app works, if not:
Troubleshooting procedure

1. Check if your app is offline

2. To check if the necessary changes have been made: 

    • Type .home within the app 
    • Do not engage with your app from somewhere between 10 - 15 minutes after the changes has been made. 

Best practice for campaigns:

    • Do not make any changes to the app less than 1 business day before a campaign.
    • Ensure that your app is published and listed in the App Store before a campaign.